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i’m pretty sure this is the only way it could have happened

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It was a warm summer day many years ago. Ino was out picking flowers in the forest when suddenly a kunai flew past her. She was startled and looked to where the kunai had come from. A masked boy emerged from the shadows. 

"You shouldn’t be picking flowers here," the boy said as he walked past the little girl to pick up his weapon. It was only then Ino noticed that it had hit a snake. "The place is crawling with them; it’s not safe for a little girl like you."

Ino was offended. She could easily defend herself against a stupid little snake. Who did this boy think he was?

"I need these flowers and they only grow here. I’m not scared of some stupid snakes.”

The boy looked at her for a while and said nothing. Well, at least she thought he was looking at her. It was difficult to tell with that mask and its ridiculous eyes. Suddenly the boy walked up to her and picked her up, and before she could even react, he was jumping from tree to tree with her in his arms.

"Let me go! I need those flowers! Are you deaf or something?! Let go of me!" The boy didn’t react to her shouting. It didn’t seem to bother him that she was pulling his hair either. 

Eventually they came out of the forest and to an open field with no flowers; only grass. The boy put Ino down carefully and kneeled down in front of her with a flower in his hand.

"This is the flower you need, right?"

"Yes, but I need more than just one, you idiot.” This guy was really pissing her off now. What was he doing, bringing her to this place?

The boy stood up and looked around. He lifted his hands and did a series of hand-seals. Ino could feel the ground moving, as if hundreds, no, thousands of worms were about to emerge from under the grass. She instinctively grabbed onto the boy’s leg. He had saved her from the snake, so he wouldn’t let whatever was coming up from underneath the ground hurt her.

However, what emerged was not dangerous. No, it was beautiful. Ino could not believe her own eyes as a sea of flowers sprung from the earth in a matter of seconds. And it was the flower she needed.

"Howhow did you do that…” She couldn’t take her eyes off the flowers as she let go of the boy’s leg to have a closer look at the flowers. They were real and somehow they were even more beautiful than the ones in the forest. She turned around to thank the boy, but he was no longer there. Only Ino and the sea of flowers remained on the field.

Who was he? 

Idk why I felt the need to do that. orz

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And another new art from http://moritoakira.tumblr.com . Long-hair Tenzou is too cute for this world



This mf right here needs some appreciation. I mean, look how cool af  he is.  He, in my opinion, is the best character in Naruto.  He is, Kakashi Sensei.

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How Yam lost his innocence, and 7.3% of his respect for Senpai.


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reading slash porn makes my english better (c)

Oh goooood, just read to the end Kakayama fic “The more we get together” by KakashiSauce (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4580714/KakashiSauce) and it is SO FUCKING AWESOME. Characters are so alive, dialogues are priceless! I laughed so hard, wept crocodile tears, got horny as hell.. well, you know. HIGHLY RECOMENDED! I am so happy, that she has more fics. I definitely know how i will spend this week *__*


God bless those people who are INCREDIBLE writers but decide to use those skills to write gay fanfiction